Phillips Landscaping Inc.


Water is life and when it comes to residential and commercial landscapes, Phillips Landscaping has your irrigation needs covered. Phillips Landscaping Inc. offers irrigation design and installation throughout the South Jersey area. Our skilled designers will come to your home and evaluate your landscape's irrigation needs, including the lawn areas and planting beds. Based on your needs and budget, we will design an irrigation plan for your landscape using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Your customized irrigation package will effectively manage your water to provide efficient, evenly distributed and deep watering for your lawn and plants—without wasting a drop.

Irrigation is a key component of health for lawns and landscapes. Phillips Landscaping, Inc. takes great care to ensure that the installation of your irrigation system is done properly and that the water needs of your landscape are being met. To achieve the best results, Phillips Landscaping uses the highest quality parts from Rainbird, Hunter and other trusted manufacturers. Our skilled technicians lay out each system to blend seamlessy into your landscape, strategically locating boxes and valves in low-use, low-visibility areas

Our systems can include:

  • Rain sensors to eliminate wasteful watering after rain
  • drip line watering systems for annuals and perennials 
  • Outdoor controllers so your Lawncare Co. can monitor your system 

Phillips Landscaping, Inc. takes great care to ensure that your installation is to the highest standards. We also provide complete service and maintenance throughout the season for all irrigation systems, including turn-on and winterization.

Landscape Irrigation License # 0019232
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